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Contact Duane by email to purchase original works of fine art for your home, business, or collection.

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Select prints of original fine art and photographs may be viewed and purchased on the Duane Dorshimer gallery page on Fine Art America. Fine Art America is a high quality print on demand service, and offers full service framing. Available framed and unframed, on fine art paper, canvas, and metal. Go to fineartamerica.com to view and purchase.

Living a Life that is Alive with Art

There are many different reasons to buy art. For me, I would buy art because it is a visual representation of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, that can be seen, shared, and touched. Visual art is a self portrait of the owner, a selfie, of your heart, mind, and soul. What else can you purchase that represents a selfie of your soul, and is timeless? Clothing fashions go out of style, cars, boats, and technology inevitably wear out and become obsolete. What else can you buy that you can point to and say, "look at this canvas, now you can see what is in my heart, and my true self." I see a work of art as a bit of the living soul of the artist. A living breathing creation, as real to your heart and mind as reality can be. Art is a good friend, a loyal and devoted pet, a member of your family and heritage. Art reflects your past experiences, and expresses your vision for the future. When you collect and acquire art, you are expressing yourself, and you become a part of the artwork. I would be most pleased if you made my artwork a part of your life. -Duane Dorshimer